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    This pendulum necklace is made up of a natural rock cristal pendulum pendant, surmounted by a pewter pentacle on which is fixed a rainbow moostone of 4mm. It is sold with a stainless steel chain. Length of the chain: 46 cm or 60 cm, according to your choice Length of the pendant (rock cristal + pentacle): 6,5cm Crafter: The Witching Hour

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    This pewter pendant which represents a triskel is decorated with green and black swarovski cristals. It is sold with a stainless steel chain. Size of the pendant: 4 x 4,5 cm Length of the chain: 43 cm Crafter: Arcana XIII

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    This pewter pentacle pendant is decorated with a light purple or elven green swarovski cristal, according to your choice, and five black swarovski cristal. It is sold with a stainless steel chain. Diameter of the pentacle: 3,5 cm Length of the chain: 46 cm Crafter: Arcana XIII

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    This pewter pendant which represents the seal of Lilith, is decorated with a gemstone or a swarovski crystal. Several gemstones and colors are available. It is sold with a stainless steel chain. Size of the pendant: 3,1 x 3,2 cm Crafter: Arcana XIII

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The Witching Hour

Created by a lover of nature, art and esotericism, The Witching Hour is a shop specialized in the sale of craft creations. You will find jewels, accessories, decoration and esoteric supplies inspired by the magic, by the spirituality and by the Gothic and elven imaging.

You will also find the creations of our brand, few of them are proposed in limited quantity, and are handmade with high quality materials.

Because we think that it is important to support the artists and the crafters, as well as the quality work, we watch that the creations proposed on the shop are made by crafters having acquired real skills and experience over the time.

Your satisfaction is very important for us, so the materials used to make the creations proposed on the shop are always high-quality and without danger for your health.

If you have any questions about the items, do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer you as soon as possible.

We wish you a pleasant visit of the shop!

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